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Departmental Strategies

Strategies used by WD to advance government-wide initiatives, such as the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy and Official Languages.

Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy

Sustainable development is about meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. As a department focused on economic diversification, WD recognizes that sustainable development means taking a balanced approach to economic development that also integrates consideration of environmental impacts and the health and well being of Canadians.

WD’s Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy 2020-2023 provides a detailed description of the departmental contributions toward Federal Sustainable Development Strategy (FSDS). The Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy includes WD’s SD vision, a description of departmental SD decision making practices, implementation strategies for the commitments made to the FSDS, and a link to WD’s Greening Government Operations tables.

WD’s 2020-21 Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy Report provides an update on progress towards achieving the goals of the strategy.

WD’s previous sustainable development strategies are available below.

WD and the Official Languages Act

Western Economic Diversification Canada is committed to the objectives of Canada’s Official Languages Act to enhance the vitality of and to support the development of the English and French linguistic minority communities, and to foster the full recognition and use of both English and French in Canadian society.

WD's Action Plan for the Implementation of the Official Languages Act is a multi-year plan which builds on the success of previous years and is enriched by feedback from western Canadian francophone communities. This Action Plan is a comprehensive and integrated approach to supporting business development in Western Canada's francophone communities, and to promoting the use of French and English in WD's workplace and in Western Canada.

Each year, WD prepares the Annual Review on Official Languages reporting on the outcomes and achievements of activities involving the implementation of Part VII - section 41 of the Official Languages Act.

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