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Towards a Western Canada Growth Strategy

Grow West



The world is changing. In an era of intense global competition, western Canadians must build on past achievements, address challenges head on, and seize new economic opportunities. The Western Canada Growth Strategy is a call to action. Based on what we heard from you, it calls for partnerships, where all western Canadians work together to position the West for success over the next ten years and beyond. Answering this call will ensure that our unique economy continues to grow and flourish - where everybody participates and everybody benefits.

Priorities for growth

Based on our engagement with westerners and Government of Canada partners, the Western Canada Growth Strategy has four interrelated pillars for growth: Diversification | Trade | Skills | Communities

Pillars for Growth


Build a broader economy

  • Grow emerging sectors
  • Transform traditional sectors


Seize global opportunities

  • Improve expert access
  • Grow markets


Talent for the new economy

  • Strengthen education and upskilling


Connected to innovation & growth

  • Built resilience and livability
  • Enhance digital access

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Towards a Western Canada Growth Strategy

Engaging with western Canadians

We asked western Canadians what they wanted their economy to look like. Here are five questions we asked:

  1. What does a stronger western Canadian economy look like 10 years from now?
  2. What are the best ways to spur new growth in western Canada?
  3. What will help the Indigenous economy continue to grow?
  4. How can we improve economic participation in the west of underrepresented groups, including women, youth and new immigrants?
  5. How can governments, industry and western Canadians work together to grow the regional economy?

Read the engagement paper | Browse their submissions

What We Heard - report cover

What we heard

Western Canadians told us what they wanted their economy to look like:

  • leading edge
  • competetive
  • entrepreneurial
  • inclusive
  • resilient

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